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A free developer community to learn relevant skills, grow your professional expertise and network with fellow developers and experts.
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In our community you can


Build your developer/professional skills

Easy way of learning essential skills for developers with experts. You will be able to grasp the skills through various community activities like webinars, training, and quizzes.


Grow your professional expertise.

Concentrate on skills that are specific to your professional career to expand your knowledge. This will enable you to grow your professional portfolio and get more opportunities in jobs or internships.


Create your own unique identity.

A customizable profile that lets you highlight your skills and expertise which is built uniquely for developers. Be able to share what you are enthusiastic about with friends and showcase what makes you stand out of the rowd.

what we do in the community


  • Free session with speakers who are MVPs, MCTs and experts.
  • Be able to understand the core concepts of the topic.
  • Live webinar that lets you engage with speakers.
  • Ask questions related to the topic and get answers.


  • Free training on certifications on Azure, power Platform, Excel, etc.
  • Days long training that has 2 3 hours of training every day
  • Live Q&A on your module doubts
  • Lecture notes for revalidation of learning

Quiz and competition

  • Knowledge check on your learned skills.
  • Win Quizzes to get Styava goodies or vouchers.
  • Test your skills by competing with others.
Quiz And Compition


  • Complete the challenges to win certificates and prizes.
  • Validate your understanding of the skills.
  • Test your skills by competing with others.
  • Know where you stand compared to other community learners.

Styava for the developer communities

Are you a community leader?

Make use of the platform to make your community stand out duration-300 and grow among the developers. We are actively working with several community partners to help them use our platform to engage better with their community members.

What you will gain by joining us!



Participate in free live webinars and training on developer-centric topics to learn and advance as a developer. Whether you are a fresher or a veteran you can learn from experts talking in beginner to advanced level


Experts sharing their experience

Join the expert on their experience being shared and get real insights from their experience that will help you in your career and job

Grow LandingPage

Career building/growth help

Building your skill for your career can be challenging, that is why we have mentors that will guide you about how you can advance in your career.

Job LandingPage

Career expertise

There are categories in the developer itself and it requires more specific topics, but our community has you covered. You can find more expertise concentrated topics that best match your career

Connect LandingPage

Connect with fellow developers.

We love our developers! That is why we have a social community to have a deeper connection with experts and developers. Where we will be sharing knowledge, getting updates, and getting help if you are stuck.

Opportunity LandingPage

Opportunities to improve your skills

Participate in free challenges, hackathons, and Quizzes to use your skills to complete them and be able to harness and be profound at your skills. Constant polishing activities of your skill let you have an advanced level of understanding of the skill.

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For Student

  • Easily share your learning and qualification with your employer.
  • Get experience from internships online and offline.
  • Improve your portfolio as a fresher.


For Developer

  • Share about your work experience and what is your expertise.
  • Create a professional developer profile to stand out duration-300.



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