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Virtual Meetup
(Asia Pacific) Fri, 22 March 2024
Calling all women tech enthusiasts across the Asia Pacific
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Annie Mathew
Director, Asia Developer Relations @ Microsoft
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Sindhura Sunkara
Senior Operations Group Manager @ Microsoft
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Dr. S. Gomathi
Microsoft MVP | 3 X MCT
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Join us for a virtual meetup hosted by Microsoft and Styava
as part of the Code;
Without Barriers initiative. This exciting virtual
event aims to:
Empower and inspire women in the tech industry.
Break down barriers and create a supportive community.
Connect you with like-minded individuals and industry professionals.
Spark your learning journey with captivating talks and workshops.
Whether you're a seasoned coder, a curious learner, or passionate about technology, this event is for you!
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Kickoff the virtual meetups (5min)
CWB intro (5min)
Azure AI Document Intelligence (25min)
CWB Mentor sharing (5min)
Closing & Call to Action (5min)
Girls in Tech Members
Computer Science students
Open Source Dev Community
Startup owners and tech enthusiasts
Anyone who wants to support a more inclusive tech space
Don't miss this opportunity to:
Learn from inspiring speakers and industry leaders.
Network with other passionate individuals and build your tech community.
Gain valuable insights and expand your knowledge.
Take the next step in your tech journey!
Technology continues to have a growing impact on every person and organization. Yet gender and minority gaps continue to exist in the tech industry, limiting the potential for more inclusive innovations. To drive a change, Microsoft in collaboration with Girls in Tech APAC is launching its Code; Without Barriers meetup program to foster more diversity and inclusion in the developer community and beyond. The meetup is created to provide a platform to support, mentor, upskill and increase the exposure of women in their tech community.
To learn more about Code; Without Barriers, visit: http://tinyurl.com/about-cwb
and to join the community http://tinyurl.com/join-cwb
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